We truly believe that the combination of our beans being both organic and freshly roasted is what gives our coffee the cleanest, most grounded and purest taste your pallet can experience.


We see coffee a part of our culture and everyday life. It’s not just a beverage, but a social ritual. People come together over coffee. They discuss current events, new ideas, and past history, all over a cup of coffee.


In this competitive and complicated world, often driven by quantity rather than quality, we like to keep things simple. We are all about an enjoyable coffee experience which is achieved through some basic principles: Taste, Quality, Sustainability and Organic.


We only supply to those whose ethos and style fit alongside ours. We are proud of the quality of our coffee and will always strive to maintain our integrity.


We are living in a world now where every environmental decision we make can have an impact, so by choosing to buy organic is choosing a better future.


WOLFØX is the result of sustained research for quality that we’ve been investing for the past two years.